About Us

Located in South Tampa, Florida, Hope for Homeowners Consulting is an attorney backed, Office of Financial Regulation vetted distressed property and foreclosure consulting company run by a team of real estate and legal experts with over 23 years of combined experience. It is the objective of Hope for Homeowners Consulting to empower homeowners who purchased their homes at the peak of the real estate market to take control of their financial future.
Co-Founders Chris Sommer and Matt Mitcham, Esq. began with the goal of helping homeowners navigate through the distressed property/foreclosure process and understand foreclosure consequences by providing tools, resources, affordable legal and tax help, support and peace of mind. Since 2009, Hope for Homeowners Consulting has helped many homeowners prepare and strategically navigate through the distressed property and foreclosure process.We strive to help homeowners understand their rights and know their options by developing a personalized plan for our members who seek assistance through their distressed property/foreclosure situation. We help members understand and minimize foreclosure consequences, while offering unlimited support and individual attention. Helping homeowners on the front lines of this market and economy, Hope for Homeowners Consulting is the one of the leading authorities on foreclosure laws & consequences.

Management Team

Chris Sommer

Chris Sommer has been Managing Director of Hope for Homeowner’s Consulting, LLC since 2009.  He is a Mortgage Broker and Licensed Realtor under Mark Campbell at Tampa Real Estate Services.  With over fourteen years combined experience in banking, finance, real estate and legal services, Chris realized that with this deep recession and housing crisis many homeowners were being taken advantage of by the lenders or those who were attempting to help them. He routinely witnessed homeowners excluding themselves from certain options by working on their own or with individuals not aware of all the programs and options available. Real estate agents do real estate, bankruptcy attorneys do bankruptcy; they may not be not familiar with all of the outside industries available to call upon to assist you in the settlement process.  Not everyone has knowledge of all of the scopes of successful settlement.  Chris realized that there was an enormous lack of good information available to homeowners.  With that understanding and entrepreneurial drive, Chris helped form Hope for Homeowners Consulting by developing an affordable business model that allows homeowners to know and understand their rights, understand foreclosure consequences, leverage industry knowledge & programs, and use the law to their advantage.

Chris Sommer and his wife are proud parents to a beautiful baby girl!

Mortgage Broker Lic# 380111

Matt Mitcham, Esq.

Matt Mitcham is an owner and general counsel of Hope for Homeowners Consulting.  Matt focuses his practice on FORECLOSURE DEFENSE, DEFENSE FROM CREDITORS, LOSS MITIGATION, MOTIONS (for early termination of probation, modifications of terms and conditions), FAMILY LAW (contested/uncontested divorces, post judgment matters).
– Son of retired criminal circuit court Judge B. Anderson Mitcham
– Graduated from Jesuit High School 1995
– Graduated with B.A. degree from University of Florida 1998
– Graduated with Juris Doctorate degree from Stetson College of Law 2001
– Certified legal intern with the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office
– Admitted to Florida Bar 2001
– Admitted to the Supreme Court of Florida 2001
– Admitted to the United States Supreme Court 2005
– Admitted to the United States Middle District of Florida Court 2005
– Former Assistant State Attorney with the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office handling DUI, traffic, misdemeanor, juvenile, felony cases – 13th Judicial Circuit – Hillsborough County
– Graduated from Florida Prosecuting Attorney’s DUI & Advanced DUI Schools
– Adjunct professor at Southwest Florida College

Matt was born and raised in Tampa, Florida.


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