Prop. Mgmt. Testimonials

Dear Chris,

I have to tell you I used to feel desperate in this economy, like I had no choices for my owners who were losing their homes to foreclosure. Obviously owners losing their homes had seriously affected my business profitability as well. Due to your involvement with my business, I’ve been able to offer my owners the ability to work things out with their banks. I can now sustain my company and keep most of those owners, enabling me to continue to collect my management fees. For those homeowners needing other options, you have provided those as well. Thankfully those options have helped increased the short sale side of my business!!

I appreciate your professionalism and expertise in the foreclosure and distressed property industry- and the fact that you quickly get back to my clients. I know you’re giving them information they otherwise would have not known. They’ve told me it gives them peace of mind, and for once, they feel that there is hope.


L. Michelle Pentifallo

Owner/Broker First In Property Management

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