Homeowners Testimonials

Hope for Homeowners Consulting has been a huge help with my mortgage crisis. My wife and I could no longer afford to pay our mortgage so we contacted Chris Sommer at H4H and he showed us how to best handle our situation. He gave us a detailed outline of how his company was going to help us through our difficult financial state of affairs.

Chris took the time to explain in detail how the entire process works and what our options throughout the process were going to be. Since we hired Chris he has taken care of all the communications with our mortgage company and made our lives much easier. He has met all deadlines for us and continues to be available to us whenever we have questions.

I highly recommend H4H Consulting.
Rob Sullivan

Dear Chris,
I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. With five years of experience as a mortgage banker, licensed real-estate agent and a finance degree I was confident I would be able to handle the short sale/loan modification process with my banks on my own. WOW was I wrong! For months I battled via phone, US Mail, and fax trying to get help from my bank and got nowhere. I felt like I was actually moving backwards. After I was referred to you and you took the process by the reins I felt like 1,000 LBS. had been lifted from my shoulders. I have settled all my credit card debts and am well along the way to short selling my investment properties. I love the way you keep me informed of the pertinent items I needed to know and relieve me of the headaches of dealing with automated phone systems and none responsive bank employees.

Thanks again for all your help and I recommend you to everyone I know that can use your help.
Jamie Garrison

Thanks so much for working with us on our home. I didn’t know where to turn or what my options were before I met you. You have definitely eased my mind! Between trying to start up a company on our own and the value of our home dropping 60% in the last couple of years, we have taken a big hit financially. We never expected to be in this situation: using all of our savings and retirement funds, not being able to afford our mortgage payments, and running out of options.

Thanks to you and your team we now have a plan, including and exit strategy and help with the many debt collection calls we were receiving on an hourly basis. It’s been a huge relief!!

Now we know what to do and when, and most importantly, we know we will not be faced with a huge deficiency judgment when it’s all done. Again, I can’t thank you enough!!
Josh Danielson

My husband and I bought and investment property in the height of the real estate boom.  We were greatly mislead by our Realtor as to how much the property would rent for.  It turned out that we were approximately $700.00 short each month.  At first we were able to come up with the difference until I lost my job.  We were no longer able to pay the mortgage and tried unsuccessfully to negotiate a lower mortgage rate from our lender.  After about a year of frustrating phone calls and numerous “lost” faxed documents by our lender we felt we had no option but to let the property go into foreclosure.  THEN through a friend we met Chris, we told him our story.  We were impressed by his knowledge and patience and after he explained to us the implications of letting our property go into foreclosure we handed over to him a huge folder which held all of the correspondences and phone call logs we had from our battle with our lender.  Chris went through the massive pile of documentation and put together a plan for us that was very detailed and included a  list of options. With that he explained upfront what we could do and what different  ways to execute whatever plan we decide to take.  I appreciated how he gave us the option to decide…he didn’t tell us or try to make us do anything one way or the other.  Once we agreed a strategy, he immediately went to work on executing it.  He contacted our lender on our behalf and negotiated a short sale of our home with no financial consequences on our part for the unpaid balance, which would have been around $106,000.00!  Chris and his team took care of everything, they even found us a great Real Estate Agent to work with.  I feel very fortunate to have met Chris when we did or we could have ended up with a huge financial burden that followed us around for years.   We couldn’t thank you enough Chris.

Barbara and Mario Rotundo,

We were extremely impressed with Hope for Homeowners Consulting teams high level of service. They were very friendly and gave us prompt efficient service. Chris was always available to answer our questions even after business hours. Everything was upfront with no surprises.  Hope for Homeowners were a pleasure to deal with, we will gladly recommend this consulting company to anyone who is seeking sanity.   Lora

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