Do you think a Foreclosure Defense practice can’t be profitable? Think Again….

  • Six million families are more than two months behind with their payments.
  • 200,000 more families receive foreclosure notices each month.


Of those, only 1% are being defended in FL

What’s missing? Attorneys. Why?

  1. Homeowners assume attorneys are too expensive.
  2. Attorneys assume too much liability with little chance of success.

Obviously, there is a large virtually untapped market available. In our conversations with attorneys we have found their concerns can be summarized into four areas; profit, liability, marketing & success.  With H4H Consulting handling all the day to day paperwork and communication, the attorney’s are largely shielded. And our proven marketing plan and knowledge of fees and costs for defending foreclosure cases help expand your practice while increasing profitability.

H4H Consulting can provide you with all the documents you need, as well as the pricing of these services to assure an immediate impact to your bottom line. The average defense can last 12 to 18 months or more. The homeowner may not be able to afford their mortgage, but they certainly can take the money that is not going toward their home, to afford your services. Don’t mistakenly assume foreclosure equals no money!

H4H Consulting can partner with you to grow your business. We can show you how to succeed.

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