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Written Action Plan – a case specific, created just for you strategic analysis of your financial situation with a Cash Flow and Net Worth Assessment. The Written Action Plan starts with your goals & objectives and evaluates your options according to your personal circumstances. Let the experts at Hope for Homeowners tell you which options and programs are available and which you could qualify for while striving to meet your goals as best we can.  You will be provided multiple options and will know what each entails. Depending on your circumstances, as each option is completed, your plan will lead you to the next favorable alternative.

Hope for Homeowners provides a recommended plan worksheet as well as a detailed time line to be executed by yourself or Hope for Homeowners. This time line will clarify and limit the time involved to limit your expenses while working towards your settlement plan. You will learn short term – right now – specific action items you can do to improve your situation immediately. We tell you what to do, how to do it, why it needs to be done and the time frame it needs to be done in. Your ‘WAP’ plan will deal with debts in both the Short & Long Terms and provide milestones to when you should expect certain action items to be complete.

PLEASE NOTE: We are the only consultants who create a detailed time line in writing because we believe that strongly in the process!

Unlimited Email Support – Don’t rely on one specific industry expert to help you. Take advantage of the knowledge our industry wide experts have on all facets of the distressed property and foreclosure process. Our knowledgeable team will be available to answer your questions throughout the process.

Mortgage Judicial Foreclosure Law Summary – basic judicial foreclosure time line providing information specific to how the judicial foreclosure process works in the state of Florida.

Do Not Call Letters – customizable letters in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to stop harassing collection calls.

Monthly Newsletter – receive our monthly email with brief, useful updates that provide “what you can do” information about the distressed housing industry.

Attorney Network & Discounts – get legal information and great discounts on one-on-one phone consultations with attorneys in our network.

Qualified Written Request –Created by one of the leading foreclosure attorneys in the country. Under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, your mortgage company is required, under penalty for non-compliance, to answer questions pertaining to your loan. This One of a kind document can be customized to your situation and once sent to your lender, will provide full and immediate disclosure including copies of all pertinent information related to your loan. PLEASE NOTE: Once the QWR is sent to your loan company, the servicer cannot provide information to any credit agency regarding any overdue payment during the 60 day period given to the mortgage holder in accordance with the QWR.

Free Consultation w/CPA – get the expertise you need with a tax law CPA as it relates to taxes and tax liability for your situation.

Frequent Monitoring & Status Updates – Hope for Homeowners Consulting will keep you up to date on any changes in applicable laws & programs as well as follow-up to ensure you reach your goals.

SCC Unit & Collection Letters – Harassing phone calls from debt collectors can not only disrupt your personal life, they can impact your professional life as well. The SCC Unit is a device we lease to you that connects directly to your home phones. Our SCC Unit will manually take over collection calls and advise the caller you have retained a representative to address the purpose of their call and provide them a number to contact for future inquiries. This device will forward all collection calls to a call center where specific language will be read to caller that will initiate and reiterate the Member’s rights under FDCPA.  The creditor will be advised not to call you again as that may be considered harassment per federal and/or state law, now that the caller knows payments can be recovered. Our system also keeps a log of the creditors/collectors for you. The ‘Do Not Call’ letter will contain language to initiate protections provided to individual under the FDCPA, which is designed to protect borrowers from unjust collections practices. In short, you will once again be able to answer your home phone with confidence, knowing that you never have to talk to debt collectors again.

Personal Consultation – Be CAREFUL – you could exclude yourself from certain options if you work on your own or with individuals not aware of all the programs and options available. Not everyone has knowledge of all of the scopes of successful settlement.  Real estate agents do real estate, bankruptcy attorneys do bankruptcy; they may not be not familiar with all of the outside industries available to call upon to assist you in the settlement process.   With Hope for Homeowners Consulting you receive all in one industry wide knowledge on all facets of the distressed housing industry, including how each area works individually and cohesively to help you maximize settlement.  There are specific  realistic expectations we know can be done within a certain time frame – if you’re not on that same page, you could end up delaying the process unnecessarily, and any oversights could actually come at your financial expense. With our Personal Consultation Package you gain access to our best relationships in the industry – with network discounts.  At Hope for Homeowners, we provide superior analysis due to the very unique knowledge and skill set of our expert consultants.  You will receive personal consulting to accomplish the best solution for your individual situation, including a comparative market analysis and assessment of your current financial condition. H4H Consulting will complete a detailed Written Action Plan (see Written Action Plan), develop short and long term strategies for you, and expedite the exit strategy that is best for you.

Loan Modification Kit – maximize your best chance for success under the HAMP Program. Be prepared with all the forms you need before you go into negotiations. Learn the Best Practices & Tips from an industry expert on working through a loan modification. Let us help you be more confident by using the all-inclusive package including:  4506 T, Financial Statement,  Loss Mitigation Phone Numbers 1 & 2, Alternatives to Foreclosure , Do Not Contact by Phone, Hardship Letter and Guidelines, Instructions and Best Practices, Loan Modification Checklist,  and No Tax Returns No Pay Stubs No Bank Statements Form.

Use  H4HConsulting Homeowner Rescue Package to save as much as you can and get the best results you can within the most realistic time frames!

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